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Nagasaki nulear ruins - one hundred and thiry five thousand people burned alive
Fat man nuclear bomb used by US on Nagasaki Japan
Concerning the Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945
Ironically, prior to the bomb exploding nearly directly over the Urakami Cathedral at 11:02 AM, Nagasaki was the most Christian city in Japan, and the massive cathedral was the largest Christian church in the Orient.
Those baptized and confirmed Christian airmen, following their wartime orders to the letter, did their job efficiently, and they accomplished the mission with military pride, albeit with an astonishing number of near-fatal glitches in the mission.
Most of us Americans would have done what the crew did if we had been in the shoes of the Bock’s Car crew.
And, if we had never seen, heard or smelled the suffering humanity that the bomb caused on the ground, and if we had been treated as heroes in the aftermath, most of us would have experienced no remorse for our participation in what was retrospectively universally regarded as a war crime.
Fat man nuclear bomb used by US on Nagasaki Japan
                          To rebel is right, to disobey is a duty, to act is necessary !
         Television is constant propaganda              
Like Nagasaki, August 9 is an orphan of history
by Harvey Wasserman
And in that history, new, definitive evidence has finally surfaced that the atomic bombing there was completely unjustified.
More than 80,000 human beings perished in Nagasaki three days after at least that many died in Hiroshima.
The Bomb that destroyed this historic city was made of plutonium (Hiroshima’s was uranium).
Whatever the case for nuking Hiroshima, it was far weaker for Nagasaki.
The US had already shown it had this ultimate weapon.   It showed it was willing to use it.   And it now had time to wait for the Japanese to gather themselves and surrender, which so many believe they were trying to do.
Lingering doubts about Hiroshima and Nagasaki have only multiplied over six decades.   Statements from American strategists include one to the effect that the first bomb showed we had it and were willing to use it, while the second showed we were willing to use it irrationally.
Nagasaki August 9 1945
after bombing
Many believe the US used the both to scare the Soviets.
But the Soviets were probably the real reason Japan surrendered.   New evidence, finally unearthed after six decades, indicates the Japanese wanted to avoid Soviet troops dissecting their island as they had already divided Germany.   The Bomb may have had little to do with their submission.
Which is a tremendous multiple irony.
For years Franklin Roosevelt lobbied Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to enter the war against Japan.   FDR did not want to go it alone in a land invasion.
Stalin had his hands full with Hitler.   And after beating the Germans, his country was decimated.
Stalin was not eager for more expensive warfare against the Japanese, with whom he had maintained an uneasy neutrality.
But Roosevelt died in April, 1945.   Relations between the US and USSR deteriorated.   Harry Truman was far more hostile to the Soviets than FDR had been.
And he was willing to use the Bomb to intimidate Stalin — or so he thought.
Stalin’s spy network had already made him well aware of the Bomb and what it could do.   Nor is there reason to believe he ever doubted Truman would use it.
By August, 1945, Truman was far less eager to have the Soviets marching into Japan than FDR had been.   Victory seemed certain.   The Americans were not keen to share an occupation with the Russians, as they had to do in Germany.
The immediate American rationale for using the Bomb was that it would avoid the need for a land invasion of Japan.   The much-publicized estimated cost of a million American lives was at best a guess, based on no hard numbers.
In any event, the US was in no position to invade at least until November.   With the Russians coming from the east, Japan faced an inescapable vice.
So why August 6, and then August 9?
First was a desire that the Japanese surrender BEFORE the Soviets could get there.
Second was a desire to show Japan, the Soviets and the world that the US had this weapon, and was willing to use it.
Third, and most plausible: $2 billion had been spent to develop these weapons.   Jimmy Byrnes, Truman’s Karl Rove of the day, warned that if they weren’t used, Congress and the American public would demand to know where all that money went.
Nagasaki Japan only building remains after US nuclear bomb
         Television is constant propaganda              
So why Nagasaki?
First and foremost, because a second bomb had been made, and it needed a place to be dropped.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were two cities of very marginal military value.   They had been purposely preserved from heavy bombing precisely so aerial photographs would cleanly illustrate the A-bombs’ power.   The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have long been listed by the US military as "announced nuclear tests."
Kyoto was spared because of pleas from Secretary of War Henry Stimson and his wife that the cultural legacy of its many ancient temples should be preserved.   But had there been a third bomb, Kyoto might not have been so lucky.
In Hiroshima, and then Nagasaki, humans were vaporized and irradiated primarily because the US had the technology to do it.
Three decades later, the Nagasaki anniversary finally acquired a happier aspect.   On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon’s resignation became effective at noon.   He had wanted to nuke Vietnam, but wrote in his autobiography that he feared the power of the anti-war movement, which eventually helped bring him down.
Perhaps that’s the best way to balance the place of August 9 in our historic memory.
The gratuitous bombing of Nagasaki is the only blot on our national soul that could exceed the one from Hiroshima.   But the forced departure of a man who was only barely stopped from repeating the nuclear horror has helped at least to begin the day’s redemption.
So let’s celebrate at least that much about August 9.   And lets hope that by this time next year, George W. Bush will have followed in Nixon’s footsteps.
Nagasaki Japan medical center remains after US nuclear bomb attack
So it must be that this system, set long before we are born, a system set since Sumer, since the city ancient, Eridu, since Enki, his later name Ea, our ‘Lord of Earth’ as Ea was proclaimed then.
So it must be that systems of taxation, set before we have any physical recording — since Atlantis and Mu and before, existence of souls in bodies mingling and associating — that systems of taxation, of giving a few our wealth to use, is the Enslavement Dream!
A purpose not for good, but power.   For a few!
Nagasaki Japan elementary school remains after US nuclear bomb
And look to what it has become.
Not only the ability to kill vast numbers of people by pressing a knob on a machine — horrendous power the few who we have given such power should never have.
But a power to get into mind?
Has it come to this, that these few that control government now have this power?
The Game   The Enslavement Dream
Chapter 27 — Keweland
PDF and now EPub versions for small tablets and Kindle, Nook and varied e-readers
The Game - The Enslavement Dream - Manor House Oath Highway.
Israel Nuclear Weapons — Yemen
Israel Saudi Arabia collaboration dropping Israel neutron bomb on Yemen.
Everybody knows Israel is one of the four nuclear powers who have not signed the non-proliferation treaty along with India, Pakistan and the Popular Democratic Republic of Korea.
On the 20th May 2015, Israel, which participates in the Common Arab Force, dropped a neutron bomb in Yemen.
Neutron bombs kill living creatures without damaging the infrastructures.
Israel has specialised in neutron bombs, whose range of action is smaller.
These are capitalist armements par excellence, because they kill people but do not damage property.
Mordechaï Vanunu an Israel scientist revealed the entire Israel nuclear programme.
Samson complex — threat of destructive Israel suicide
Israel Martin Van Creveld threatened the Europeans
François Hollande, Israël, and the atomic bomb
Armless artist Karipbek Kuyukov 'denied entry' to UK
7 May 2013
A Kazakh artist who was born without arms says he could not get permission to enter the UK last month because he could not give fingerprints.
Karipbek Kuyukov was born with disabilities during the nuclear test programme.

Karipbek Kuyukov denied entry to UK.

Karipbek Kuyukov planned to attend an anti-nuclear conference in Edinburgh.
But he got a letter from the British Consulate in Istanbul saying his 'biometrics were of poor quality' and asking him to resubmit his application.
The UK Home Office said his visa was not refused and it may have been the result of a 'miscommunication'.
Mr Kuyukov, 44, who was forced to cancel his attendance at the conference, spoke of his disappointment.
'Did not understand'
"Maybe they did not understand that I am disabled or check the information provided," said the artist.
"But in my online visa application it was written that I am an artist and that I don't have hands.
I paint by holding a brush in my mouth and between my toes."
Mr Kuyukov was born in the region of Semipalatinsk, the former Soviet Union's main nuclear testing ground.
Many thousands of children were born with disabilities during the nuclear test programme.
Mr Kuyukov has used his painting to campaign for nuclear disarmament for the past 20 years.
BBC © 2013
Japan 9.0 Earthquake Tsunami Nuclear Plant destruction
March 2011
       The mayor of Tsuruga City home of the trouble-plagued Monju plutonium-breeder reactor in Fukui Prefecture isn't buying Tokyo's weak explanation about the Fukushima 1 blast
       Fukushima No.2 plant, further south, is ringed by a wall of silence as a quiet evacuation is being conducted
       A specialist medical team from the Japan National Radiology Health Institute — flown by helicopter from Chiba to a field center 5 km from the No.1 Nuclear Plant — found radiation illness in 3 residents out of a sample group of 90.    Overnight that number of civilian-nuclear 'hibakusha' shot up to 19, but in other counts to 160
       MOX — plutonium and uranium      
       It is also the children of humans — and the babies — the smallest and most vulnerable of the human species      
       'Sorry! Sorry!' the son cries, wishing he could have saved his mother      
     Daughter holds hand of dead mother      
     buried in rubble where home used to be      
Japan Abenomics
Japanese worker, a plight which arrived in the US some five years ago.
When it comes to the consequences of Japan's QE, now in its third year, the head of the BOJ has been very clear.
At least that's the propaganda.
Now, here is Japan's 'full employment' truth.
Soaring part-time jobs consisting of 'senior citizens and housewives.'
Japan real and nominal wage growth decline 1992 to 2015.
  Afghanistan — Western Terror States: Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Italy      
       Photos of Afghanistan people being killed and injured by NATO      

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