uses only .html .css and .jpe files.    These files are understood by all browsers.    No special programming is required
Decide where you wish page to be placed on your website.
Create a folder (on your computer), name it TheWE (if your wish as a name for the folder, or any name)
Do a 'save as' on the page you wish to mirror image, save it to the folder (The folder you have created on your computer) you have designated — this will download the html page, the .css page(s), and the images, usually named as .jpe and .gif images.
Make you your setting are correct when doing a 'Save As' — next to 'Save as type' make sure it is set for Web Page Complete (htm, html)
If this is not set correctly the images and .css page(s) will not download to your folder
In your folder you will have a .html file and a folder.
IE names this folder '(name)_files' FireFox names the folder the same as the file you have downloaded.
Remove all the image files and .css files to your main folder (So this folder is now empty and all your files are together)   Delete this empty folder.
To proceed, you will have to modify all the links on the .html webpage you have 'Saved AS' or 'Save Page As':
At the top of the .html page look for the .css links
href="../../../../thewe   will have to be modified to   href="arabic.css" and   href="600.css" as examples
Where you see:   — this link should be deleted.
Where you see image links:
img src="../../../../thewe  
These will have to modified to
img src="we_all_gaza.jpe"   as an example or   img src="woman_waves_palestine_flag.jpe"   as an example (make sure they are inside the <)
Do this for all image links and all .css pages.
Click on your .html page — if it does not look at it should, as a page looks on your browser (If it looks okay, upload the folder and all files inside to your web hosting service, link to the html page from any page you wish on your website, and friends site(s), as you would normally like a .html page)
Uploading Files To Your Server
files should be uploaded to your server as ASCII files
It is best to upload via ftp
Check your ftp upload program 'Options' to make sure these three files are included in 'Extensions' for ASCII file upload.
In 'Options' make sure your ftp upload program is in 'Auto' mode so that jpe, jpg, gif files are loaded as non-ASCII files.
If the page does not look at it should, contact us.
Send us a note for help to:
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Thank You